Nathan Morris Live at the Creme Pre-Sale

Last August, in a small room with 45 people and a couple of friends and guitars to accompany me, I recorded my first ever Live album.  It was in this incredible little coffee shop called The Creme.  The staff were welcoming and the vibe was quite memorable.   I have to be honest though.  I have been scared to death of this project.  I wouldn't even listen to it for the longest time.  I've made it my life's work to be honest, with a "what you see is what you get" mentality.  Becoming vulnerable after a while of having a wall up became kind of hard.  So, I shelved the project for a year.  So many people worked hard to make this happen and I ran from it.  I'm not running anymore.  I'm so incredibly proud of the songs I've written over the years that have connected with you and have spread across the world, providing comfort and encouragement to so many.  This album gives these songs an opportunity to do that all over again and allows for you to hear them in a whole new light, the way they sounded when they were first written, before all the bells and production were added to make them what the records sound like today.  

Without further ado, I am announcing with excitement, nervousness, even a little anxiety, the official Pre-Sale of Nathan Morris Live at the Creme (Acoustic). It's real, it's unedited and unpolished.  Missed notes, weak moments and all. But, it's me and it's genuine and there's passion and joy behind it.   Click the cover below to pre-order yours now!

There's a lesson here. Better late than never.