Treading Water

Yes, I know how to swim.  I'm quite a good swimmer, really.  I've been around water since I was very young.  I enjoy and respect it.  Granted, I'm more choosy with the bodies of water I get in now that I'm not a teenager.  No matter how talented of a swimmer you are, when you're really tired and in the deep end, treading water when exhausted causes panic.  You know that feeling? You can't kick your feet and move your arms quick enough to get to the water's edge to cling to.  

There's my little analogy to express my feelings.  I feel like I'm treading water and need something to grab onto.  To be honest, I'm not quite certain as to what's causing it.  Perhaps I'm overwhelmed with other things preventing me from writing more songs and blogs. Perhaps the feeling comes from running multiple businesses and family life and balancing and prioritizing. I'm sure I'll pinpoint it soon. For now, just nod your head and tell me you relate to this and I think it'll make me feel much better.  

There's something liberating when you tell people about a struggle or issue you're having.