Turn the Other Cheek

I mean, is this a statement to take literal? If someone is physically attempting to harm us, do we protect ourselves and swing back, or do we take the blows? If someone is dragging our name in the mud because their view of us is skewed by ignorance and pride, do we just let it happen or do we stand up for what is truth?  I struggle with this.  I'm not passive in any way, but I am learning to be more choosy with my battles.  Not everyone will like you.  With everyone nowadays thinking they're philosophers and having the world and all the parts figured out, we are likely to offend, upset, even be considered criminal for what we do. I tell you this.  Actions speak louder than the hateful words you throw back at them to defend your name or the anonymous tweets they post or the fake names on message boards they hide behind.  Say things in love.  If you feel you were wronged, go to the doer and share that.  I bet you $1,000,000 they have a good reason for their act and can explain your concern and frustrations away.  Try it.  Just don't be passive, lazy pussies.  It's pretty simple. Be kind to people.  Do your best.  

Oh, and if someone was swinging a physical fist at you, by all means, beat the crap out of them.  Don't turn the other cheek.  I think the verse means be wise in your actions/reactions.  Rationalize.  

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